Drei/Viertel − Three/Quarters Hamburg − that’s Karoviertel, Sternschanze and Sankt Pauli. But it’s also gastronomers, artists, and a non-profit organisation that are trying to make Hamburg a more hospitable place. Gastronomers so that we always have good food and plenty of drinks at our charity events. Artists so that we always have live music, DJs, a Secret Wars streetart battle or art from Hamburg for charity. And the non-profit clubkinder e.V. so that we can put the donations to good use. The charity association arranges the good cause for the Drei/Viertel events − preferably with refugees and their neighbours from the quarters.


The first event cooked up by the Drei/Viertel dream team was the Drei/Viertel BBQ: one Sunday (13 September 2015), eight days of work (which were completely insane, but special situations call for extreme measures), one little raffle (with over 100 prizes), a little programme (seven DJs, live painting, Secret Wars, activities for children, …), good food, good drinks, good vibes and a few friends (2.500 visitors despite the rain) − voilà, a perfect afternoon for Hamburg’s new and old residents. And while of course our friends from the Messehallen and other camps were invited enjoy food and drink free of charge, we were able to raise 17.255 EUR on this one day.


The money that’s generated at Drei/Viertel events goes into supporting integration projects for refugees. Preferably those involving residents of those neighbourhoods. Preferably those with a gastronomical or artistic focus. Preferably with the help of one of the partners of clubkinder e.V., a charity association that has been working with and supporting refugee projects since day one. For those who want to donate:


Our next date is set: Sunday, 13 November will see some serious action! We have the perfect location called Riverkasematten right by the harbour, with a wild assortment of food, art, music, people of Hamburg (old and new) and whoever else is interested. Along with Hamburg’s new residents we will throw a party that will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind: we all belong together. We are Hamburg.

Food to syrian-mexican tacos up to classic burgers plus drinks, DJs from Kleiner Donner and Ghana, art from Affenfaust and Hindukush − all this and more we’ll throw together!